You've got the questions, I've got the answers.

Listen, I know how intense wedding planning can be. As a CO-VID bride with multiple postponements, I completely understand the stress of it all.  Choosing your vendors is an intense task, and there are a ton of questions you may have before even figuring out what vendors would be best for you.  Let me help you out by answering some frequently asked questions right off the bat.

questions you may already have

do you work with budgets?

How does sustainability tie into your business?

I know, budgets are never fun to talk about.  But, they're a real thing, and I am 100% here for you to be open about your budget.  There are costs that come with running a business, while also financially creating a comfortable life for myself and my family.  But, I want to hear what you're working with.  While I do have standard set prices on packages, we can always look at your budget and see if there is a customized package we can create for you to receive everything you want in your photographer while remaining within your budget.

There are a variety of base packages I offer, but I also do customized packages. With that being said, weddings start at $2,800 and couples typically spend around $4,200. I know budgets can be tough, and I am here to say that I am 100% understanding. Please do not hesitate to reach out and let's chat!

Absolutely!  Can I first say, I'm a total goofball and awkward is basically my middle name.  And let me tell you, majority of my couples say this to me, and guess what?  At the end of their session, they're smiling ear to ear, laughing hysterically saying, "wow that was so much fun that wasn't uncomfortable at all!!"  I am more of a photojournalistic type of photographer, so rather than telling you how to stand and how to pose, I use a ton of fun prompts and games to make those awkward moments in front of the camera feel genuine and real.  I take a ton of time getting to know you two beforehand, so during your engagement session and/or wedding day, we are basically already best friends and taking photos is just an excuse to be in the moment together, and forget everything else around you.

This one is tough to answer and the reason I say that is because, I do not limit the number of images we give you.  I'm not the type of photographer that is going to  limit the amount of photographs from YOUR day.  Now, just to give you an average: you will receive around 75/hour.  But, again, it is really hard to put a number on it.  As simple as it can get, you will get all of the good photographs, I do not limit the number.

How much do you charge?



I practice a zero waste lifestyle in my everyday life, so I wanted my business to be built around my eco-friendly life.  For starters, everything is done online. That way resources, such as paper, aren't being wasted.  You will receive a customized online portal where you will be able to access our conversations and your documents such as your invoice, proposal, questionnaire, and contract.  I also work with a printing lab that uses recycled paper and natural resources, for my clients that would like prints and albums!

HOW WILL we RECEIVE our photos?


When will we get our photos back?

To reduce our carbon footprint, you will receive your images through an online gallery.  On your gallery, you are able to download and share your images.  You also have access to the online store where you can purchase prints, frames, cards, etc.  I do offer a sustainable option for printing.  But, you do have the printing rights to your images and they can be professionally printed through your online gallery!

100% YES!  Although I am based in Philadelphia, I LOVE to travel and am available to travel all over the world!  I am a very adventurous person and have done a cross country road trip to and from the West Coast, so I have been many places.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are from out of state, I am more than happy to travel!

My intention is to deliver you a gallery that you a literally obsessed with. I want to make sure everything is perfect. With that being said, your gallery will be delivered to you no longer than 8 weeks from your wedding day. BUT GOOD NEWS! I know how hard it is to wait, so within the first week you will receive a sneak peek gallery!