I'm that, as others have put it, "ray of sunshine" that makes sure you relive every single moment, feeling and emotion of your wedding day. 

I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my husband, Russell, and our two cats, Bella Marie and Oliver James (we only use their middle names when they're being bad).  I'm a very adventurous person that will jump at any opportunity to go somewhere I've never been before.

I'm super outgoing and love that this job allows me to not only photograph love, but to make such incredible friendships along the way.  I find love to be authentic, raw and real. Every story is different and I have such a passion for being able to capture it in its entirety.

About Me

I'm Kristin (She/her)

Photos by Felicia Vo Photography

Currently listening to

︵ Kublai Khan Tx
︵ Fall Out Boy, forever (but only their old stuff)
︵ Fleet Foxes
︵ Lord Huron
︵ Moose Blood

︵ Maui, Hawaii - drive the Road to Hana
︵ Santorini, Greece - rent a scooter and go to the town of Oia
︵ Yucatan, Mexico - visit Chichen Itza and swim in a cenote
︵ Sedona, Arizona - go hike... literally anywhere!
︵ Malibu, California - drive along PCH, visit incredible restaurants on the water, don't forget to visit Malibu Farm

Did we just become best friends?

Binge worthy shows
on Netflix

︵ New Girl
︵ Schitt's Creek
︵ Shameless
︵ Grey's Anatomy
︵ I'm also a sucker for reality TV shows

Favorite places
to travel

A typical day off consist of

︵ Practicing yoga
︵ Cooking a favorite meal (Italian and Mexican are my favs!)
︵ Playing the Sims
︵ Drinking wine and eating cheese boards
︵ Going for a hike, walk, get outside

Favorite foods

︵ Tacos, taco salads, nachos, guacamole, give me all of it
︵ Any kind of pasta dish, but no meat.  I also freaking love mac and cheese
︵ Spicy tuna rice crackers or sushi sub soy paper
︵ French onion soup
︵ Smoothie bowls

Yeah, we definitely just became best friends.